Phillip Island

I recently took a “just because” trip to Phillip Island, a definitely non-tropical island (you’ll have to go further north for that) only an hours drive from Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula. I hadn’t visited Phillip Island since I was a about eight, and neither had Mason, so we decided a mid-week trek was in order. Some of the shenanigans we got up to are jotted down below so if you find yourself down the Hemsworth’s neck of the woods feel free to take Liam to our favourite spots. And mention my name to him. And number.


We spent our first evening at Nobbies Point, watching the sunset and finding little Fairy Penguins making nests in the hills (pictures 1 and 2). There were only a handful of other people wandering around on the boardwalks so if you fancy getting some “candid” photos of yourself taken, it’s the perfect place because there’s no one around to say ‘That’s not candid! I saw you take 37 very similar versions of that photo’. Also good if you just like sunsets. Whichever. The area closes at sundown but don’t worry, the early night meant we didn’t miss a second of Beverly Hills Cop (sense my sheer, definitely not sarcastic enthusiasm).

Most of our second day was spent cycling around Silverleaves, the cutest little neighbourhood you ever did see. It has around 180 residents, envy worthy houses, and the most charming General Store in the entire world. Seriously, it’s straight out of Gilmore Girls. I’m talking handwritten advertisements about baby sitting and a blackboard reminding locals about the open mic night on Friday. We rented our bikes from The Bicycle Repair Man so we got to cycle around the island on glossy, vintage style numbers complete with baskets at the front.

Before heading home on our last day, we visited the Forrest Caves (pictures 3, 4, 5). We had an entire beach to ourselves and found lots of funny little rocks.


We booked our stay at the Silverwater Resort through Groupon meaning we paid a ludicrously low price for two nights in a lake view room complete with our own balcony and access to two swimming pools, a sauna, playgrounds and a games room. (The games room was Mason’s favourite because it had a table tennis table and I also quite liked it for the grabber machines of Care Bears.)

Eating out can be very expensive in Phillip Island since it is such a popular tourist destination (who can resist penguins?) but there are some delicious and reasonably priced options if you know where to look.

For something a little bit different, we had breakfast at the Churchill Island Heritage Farm café (picture 6). Churchill Island is a tiny little spot of land filled with woolly cows and grassy plains that make for great views over eggs and toast. We had our second breakfast at the resort which runs a two for one deal on an all you can eat brekkie that includes everything from pancakes to potato gems. I devoured cereal, toast, fruit, OJ, tea, and of the course the pancakes and potato gems. Vegetarians aren’t used to so many options!

For lunch, we liked trying out the various bakeries on the Island for lunch, with the éclairs at the Phillip Island Bakery being a personal favourite. I’m sure there were savoury options too but I only have eyes for the sweet stuff.

Because we booked our stay at the Silverwater Resort through Groupon, we got a 20% off voucher for the restaurant. Hence, we enjoyed a dinner so fancy I earned a licence to use the word “hence”. My arancini balls were too delicious, as were the fancy potatoes I had on the side that had a name so fancy I can’t remember it. The waiters added to the experience of pure class by placing napkins on our laps, hand serving us bread rolls, and providing sparkling water aka the fanciest of all waters.

For our second dinner, we went a teensy tiny bit less up market and ordered pizza and garlic bread from one of the local pizzerias. We took our meal down to the beach, cried about the U.S. election, and parkoured on some rocks. It was fantastic.

So there you have it! Would you like to see more posts like this? I’ve holidayed quite a bit this year, in both Australia and overseas, so let me know if any of these adventures interest you.


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