Urban Dictionary defines a Staycation as “A vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s home environs have to offer.” Mas and I decided a staycation was in order to catch the most elusive of Pokemon: Quality Time Together. We’re lucky that our home is the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, which is a staycation treasure in itself (just ask National Geographic who featured our coastal pocket in its list of 20 Best Trips  IN. THE. WHOLE. DAMN. WORLD) but also only an hours drive from Melbourne city. The list below features some activities specific to our region (just like a YouTube video that the owner hasn’t made available in your country) but I hope it will convince you to embark upon your own staycation because it really is a lot of fun.
Night Away
By name, staycations are spent at home but I think it’s ok to cheat for just one night.  *Dwight Schrute voice* FACT: A single night spent at a hotel, fancy or not, is enough to give the illusion of travel. My flight arrived in at 7pm so we decided to spend a very jet lagged night in the city. We chose to stay at the Richmond Hill Hotel, a heritage building that offered the huge attraction of free parking and a brekkie. BONUS: we did not get kicked out because Mason was playing his souvenir tin whistle at 10:31pm.
That One Crazy Thing You’ve Always Wanted To Do
Holidays away are the perfect time to do activities you normally wouldn’t in your day to day life so a staycation shouldn’t be any different. Maybe it’s a theme park. Maybe it’s a sky-diving. Or maybe, like for us, it’s an escape room experience. A Harry Potter themed escape room in North Melbourne provided the goods for us and, even though we didn’t escape from Hogwarts in the allotted time, it was an astoundingly hi-tech to the point of actual magic experience.
We’re lucky enough to have a 1950s style drive in cinema only fifteen minutes drive away, but any type of movie viewing is good. For anyone in the area, Dromana 3 Drive In is a win for the novelty factor; we saw Sing in the open-air, deck chair cinema which, despite mosquitos, was awesome. If you don’t live local,  a trip to the cinema becomes exciting if you make a date out of it, complete with Facebook check-in and obnoxious Snapchat selfies. Even turning on Netflix can be special when phones are turned off and a blanket fort is built.
R and R
Imagine a tropical holiday. I bet you’re thinking of aquamarine water lapping gently against white sand, with maybe a palm tree or two to the right of the frame. No, I’m not able to do that mind-reading thing Snape can; I Google image searched ‘tropical holiday’ and that’s what came up. Again, the Mornington Peninsula afforded us the illusion of visiting a tropical paradise. We had fish and chips on the beach and swam in Mason’s backyard pool. I even got to read some new books on the sun lounger (see previous blog posts for a review of Zoe Foster Blake’s Textbook Romance and Krystal Sutherland’s Our Chemical Hearts) while Mason played Clash of Clans. It really does start to feel like a holiday when you can completely unwind and forget about the fact you have work at 9am tomorrow.
So there you have it. I’m currently in my PJs at 8:47pm on a Saturday  night watching Summer Heights High so I guess the good ol’ days are behind me!
Featured image is by Mark Galer on Unsplash

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