Repeat After Me: We Are All Beyoncé


But first, a story.

Whenever I’ve been having a tough time in my life, my lady friends have got me through. From dropping ‘feel better soon’ cards in my letterbox to talking me down from tears over a cup of herbal tea, listening to me rant for an hour at midnight to telling me my eyebrows look good, they’ve done it all. But I, like almost every girl, have also experienced the opposite; times when girls have laughed at and celebrated the fact I was in a valley rather than on top of a mountain, spread rumours about me, or teamed up in a gang whose unifying factor seemed to be hating me. The thing is though, I can’t crucify these girls because I’ve acted in similar ways when I was younger. I’ve been consumed by petty high school drama, bitched about others for the sake of bitching (and walked away from the session feeling pretty gross) and, upon hearing of another girl’s fabulous career/relationship/hair/holiday/Tamagotchi, would focus on an imperfection of theirs so I wouldn’t feel threatened. Sad, I know. But I got older, surrounded myself with wonderfully positive humans and came to realise I had been acting out of fear and jealousy of other girls based on my own insecurities. Because I’d worked on myself so much by then and got to a stage where I was genuinely happy in who I was, I began to see that, to quote Finding Nemo (side note and controversial opinion: Shark Tale is better), girls are “friends, not food”. There’s no point being a nasty shark with scary teeth picking on others! Supporting fellow women gives you inspiration, motivation, and opportunities while tearing them down gets you… well, nothing.

I was reflecting on this recently, while shampooing a Cocker Spaniel’s ears at work actually. Just thinking about puppies, and strawberry soap and the fact that THE GIRLS IN MY LIFE ARE THE BOMB.COM (That’s a phrase we all still use, right? Ok, groovy, thanks for confirming). They’re superstar athletes, business bitches, amazing artists and as ambitious and determined as my gal Hillary (we’ve been on a first name basis since I ran into her husband in New York one time. True story. Check my Instagram for proof).

And that’s how Slay, Queen was born. What is Slay, Queen I hear you ask? It’s a simple project celebrating the success of women! I’ll be profiling ladies I find particularly #inspirational and sharing their stories for the world to see. I’m currently lining up the first of my interviewees but if you know of anyone you’d describe as a “beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox“, please get in touch with me via any and all social pipes. I can’t promise these posts will be regular as I have work/uni/a year’s gym membership I just paid upfront and really should use/debut novel writing/Riverdale watching to be getting on with BUT I promise these ladies will be worth the wait. I also promise this site will still feature book reviews and travel tales; this is just an insanely exciting section of the site I’m buzzing with energy about – or is that because I’ve listened to I’m Still Standing by Elton John on repeat?

Sure, I’m kinda selfish and want to write (the thing I love) about something I’m passionate about, but I also want to recognise the hard work of so many chicks out there and pay it forward for those who’ve helped me along the way. And you know what would be pretty cool too? If this little corner of the world wide web helped even a few girls get to a confident and happy place, one of respect, appreciation and love for fellow females where there is room for us all to be Beyoncé.

Featured Image by Les Anderson on Unsplash



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