Book Review: Amazinger Face

Sometimes a lady just needs to know the most flattering lipstick for her skin tone, or how to correctly use sunscreen, or a very quick hairstyle to conceal her unwashed hair. And there’s no reason she shouldn’t know which foundation or mascara is best for her, either. 

Surprise, surprise, I’m talking Zoe Foster Blake again! But this time I’m doing so with a moisturised face (and a gym membership and a desire to pick snowpeas from the garden) because her beauty bible Amazinger Face has helped me get my act together. And not just in the face department because, although the title might have you believe otherwise, this book teaches you how to prettify your whole dang bod!

Here are some of my fave chapters, the ones I’m constantly dipping in and out of and  have inspired me to single-handedly keep my local Chemist Warehouse afloat with extensive cosmetic purchasing.


As ZFB’s passion, the skin care section takes up a fair chunk of Amazinger Face. My favourite thing about this chapter is the age specific advice which means teenagers actually learn what products their cherubic skin needs rather than what their grandma needs to shop for. The sheer volume of information out there on skin care is overwhelming and often conflicting so this simple, ‘just read what you need’ format is a winner in my eyes.  Instead of plugging products (though it does provide a few recommendations) Amazinger Face explains which ingredients you need to be looking out for and which to avoid. Armed with the knowledge of which unpronounceable vitamins and acids deserve to be chucked on my face, I was able to pick out some basic supplies (cleanser, moisturiser and exfolitator) that I now use on a daily basis. I thought I had pretty peachy skin when I was just using the towel+warm water method twice a day (terrible, I know) but now my face feels like what people tell you a baby’s bum does. Creepy analogy when you think about it but who am I to talk? I’ve been making friends stroke my cheeks to feel how bloody soft they are!


This is where we chat everything foundation, concealer, and bronzer related. It’s also where I was encouraged to buy a beauty blender and my life was changed yet again. Seriously that little sponge is the fricking best at applying foundation that looks natural. This philosophy of this chapter is makeup that enhances what you’ve already got which is exactly what I’m all about. And no, before you ask, I don’t just take the natural approach because I lack the skills/patience for fancy contouring. Although that is a big reason why. I have most definitely looked like that Amy Schumer contouring meme on more than one occasion.


The gem of this chapter is page 216: How to have good hair after smashing the treadmill. Why?

  1. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, I’m pretty modest about it, but I go to the gym now and own active wear so I can really, like, relate to this
  2. It’s the solution to the ‘me trying to make my hair washing days line up with my social schedule’ meme we all relate to.


At first glance, Amazinger Face is a little intimidating but the fantastic thing about this book is that you don’t have to read it cover to cover. You can pick it up and flick to the smokey eye tutorial you need for your night out, pop it away, and when the time comes for a perfect red lip (no-kissing first date, you’re a Taylor Swift impersonator, you’re the real Taylor Swift) you can dip in again! OR if you need a quick fix, check out the Q and A chapter at the back which honestly details which products you really need if you’re a povvo uni student, and candid chat about cosmetic procedures I’ll most definitely be investing in when I marry rich and can invite my best friends Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and Carrie along for moral support.

Hinty hint: If you’re looking for a bargain, Target is selling this bad boy for just $30.

Feature Image by Alysa Bajenaru on Unsplash:


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  1. Freakin love ZFB and this book and her entire being. Still regret not going to meet her when I was in Melb last year 😦


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