Yazmine Lomax is the best selling author of the self-help book Be Your Own Windkeeper, featured on the hit TV series Friends. She is also a massive liar.

In reality, Yazmine is an Irish-Australian writer living on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. She is studying a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Professional Writing and Editing at Swinburne University of Technology and has so far completed units in novel writing, short fiction, and creative non-fiction. Having completed journalism internships and written web content, Yazmine is currently working on her debut,  contemporary YA novel and blogging about books, travel and inspiring ladies. She has also worked as an editor for corporate copy and writes regularly for local magazines.

Yazmine is best-known for talking about romantic-comedies even more than Kelly Kapoor, being obsessed with the geographical region of New England, and flitting between hobbies for the elderly like knitting, cake-decorating and origami.